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Trades and construction are dynamic industries with inherent risks. Prioritising safety is not optional; it's crucial. FBL has always been committed to the health and safety of its workforce, understanding that a safe workplace not only protects its people but also enhances overall productivity and job satisfaction. To uphold this commitment, FBL has been in alliance with Safety Work Kits, ensuring every contractor working on your site is fully compliant with health and safety standards. This partnership allows you to focus on your project with confidence, knowing that all contractors follow strict safety protocols.

Safety Work Kits supplies a range of workplace safety kits specifically developed for property service contractors, tailored to support the health and safety requirements of New Zealand’s workplace conditions. 

Our Health and Safety Work Kits contents

At FBL, we prioritise the health and safety of our workforce. Through our partnership with Safety Work Kits, we provide comprehensive health and safety work kits that contain a set of essential 'tools' to help clearly demonstrate our commitment to health and safety obligations at each work site:

  • Health & Safety Policy: This key document communicates FBL's commitment to health and safety responsibilities, reassuring clients and stakeholders of a safe working environment.
  • Emergency Plan: Each kit includes a clear, easy-to-read emergency plan to ensure everyone on-site is prepared and informed, reducing risks during emergencies.
  • Reporting & Investigation Forms: These forms are essential for reporting and investigating incidents, maintaining a record of safety issues, and ensuring prompt corrective actions.
  • Hazards Notice Board: A highly visible board warns passersby of common hazards. Depending on the kit, either an ‘A’ frame or a 450mm orange cone is provided.
  • Induction & Training Information: This section includes easy-to-understand reminders of health and safety responsibilities, ensuring all workers are consistently aware of safety protocols.
  • Hazard Register: An all-in-one register listing hazards, their effects, and controls, specifically developed for key property service contractor groups to help identify and mitigate risks.
  • Training Register: This register shows a record of ongoing training, demonstrating FBL’s commitment to continuous safety education and compliance.
  • Care Card: A pocket-sized induction card for quick reference, serving as a constant reminder of safety protocols and responsibilities.
  • Unsafe Card: Attached to unsafe or repair-needed equipment, ensuring such equipment is not used until safe.
  • Safety Work Kits App: The app provides easy access to all safety documents and protocols. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, activation requires a password provided by FBL for secure access.

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